Forklift Plateform

This platform can be easily and safely fitted on the forks of any type of Forklift. Two pockets are to be inserted in the forks & bolted with the top for safety. A power pack with battery is mounted on the base of this platform by which the operator can lift the platform   hydraulically   in UP& Down position.

First  raise the forks of the forklift to  whatever height these can reach & then the operator, standing in the platform cage ,will raise the platform  cage up to whatever height required. It is a very useful working platform for the companies who have their own fork lift and require maintenance work  done as a greater height than the reach of the fork lift, inside or outside the plant or on the road, like fixing the lamp on the poles etc.




Working height


Platform height


Power Supply




Integrated Charger


Overall length

1940 mm

Overall width

1000 mm

Overall height

2000 mm

Platform size




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